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Chris Therrell Golf Instruction Includes:

Multiple Camera Angles

Have you seen your swing from multiple camera angles? Do you know what you are looking for in your swing or what is more important? Using video in all of my golf lessons allows me to diagnose your swing in very fine detail and for you to see when you are making improvements.

Boditrak Pressure Mat

Do you know if you use the ground effectively during your swing? Do you know how the longest and straightest hitters use the ground?  All of these questions I can answer in a golf lesson and you will be hitting the ball longer and straighter than ever before.


During the golf lessons learn how to hit it farther and find more fairways. The tee shot is one of the most important shots in a round of golf.  If you have to re-tee because of a lost golf ball or a penalty stroke, your score will quickly add up and it will make it almost impossible to keep the strokes to a minimum.


Do you hit a lot of fat or thin shots? Do you have trouble with distance control? Do you want to have a wedge actually stop on the green? In the golf lessons, I will diganose the reason behind any of the swing errors you might be making to hit these shots that are costing you shots each time you play.

Short Game

Are you losing shots around the green? Do you have a lot of 3 putts? Do you need drills to practice?  The short game can dramatically lower your golf scores with a little practice and the right technique. You can have the short game your friends will be jealous of. 

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