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Click on videos below to see before and after swings.

Golf Lessons in Atlanta

In this golf lesson, you see the two down the line views. The image on the left is the before swing in the golf lesson with the club across the line. (The red line) The image on the right is the after and the club is dead on plane at the top.  Across the line leads to an under the plane downswing producing big draws or fat shots.

Atlanta Golf Lessons Junior

In this golf lesson, you see the two face on camera angles.  The picture on the left is the before swing and you will notice how the spine angle is more vertical at the top.  This can lead to lower back issues and moving out in front of the ball at impact which leads to right shots and poor angle of attack with the driver. The image on the right has the spine with more tilt at the top which helps being behind the ball at impact with a better angle of attack. This student made great progress during his golf lessons.

Atlanta Golf Lessons for Juniors

In this golf lesson, the young junior player made a great golf swing with perfect spine tilt at the top and the club is on plane as well. No matter what the age or level of the player, if you can make swings like this you will hit the ball straight.

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