2020 Golf Lesson Pricing

* Juniors are 8-12 years old.

Golf Swing Setup
Introductory Golf Lesson

This is a one-hour introductory lesson at a discounted price.  Depending on the level of golfer, we could start with the very basics of the golf swing or the very small details you need to lower your handicap.


Adult $65

Junior $65

Golf Lessons Atlanta Halfway back
One Hour Golf Lesson

A standard one-hour lesson.


Adult $80

Junior $70

Golf Lessons Atlanta at the top
Short Series Golf Lessons

This short series is (3) One Hour Lessons.  This is a great series for someone wanting to get started with lessons.  During these three lessons, we will get in full swing work and technique for short game.


Adult $220

Junior $200

Golf Lessons Atlanta Half Way Down
Hour Golf Lesson Series

The Hour Series is (5) One Hour Lessons with a savings of $50.

Adult $350

Junior $325

Golf Lessons Atlanta Pully
9 Week Golf Lesson Series

This series is (6) One Hour Lessons and (3) Half Hour Lessons.  This is a great series for the person who wants to take their game to a whole new level.  The series would work best using the example I have used below, but you can change it however you need for your time or game.


Week 1 - Hour Lesson

Week 2 - Half Hour Lesson

Week 3 - Hour Lesson

Week 4 - Hour Lesson

Week 5 - Hour Lesson

Week 6 - Half Hour Lesson

Week 7 - Hour Lesson

Week 8 - Half Hour Lesson

Week 9 - Hour Lesson

Adult $530

Junior $490

Golf Lessons at Impact
Unlimited Golf Lessons

This package is for someone who has completed at least the Hour Series and would like to continue lessons on a weekly schedule.  This package is for a minimum of 3 months and after 3 months the rate lowers to $350/month or juniors to $300/month.

Adult $400/month

Junior $350/month

Golf Lessons Atlanta Follow Thru
Group Golf Lessons

The one day school is for all levels of golfers who are looking for lessons in a group environment.  Many people like to learn with a group because it is a lower lesson rate per golfer, larger groups can be fun and the chance to meet people who might be the same level of golfer.


During these group lessons, many things can be covered in the 2-hour time frame: Basic swing techniques. short game technique/drills, rules, etiquette and not to mention fun.  If you would like to be notified of when group lessons are taking place, please make sure you subscribe to my mailing list on the contact page.


All group lessons are for 2 hours.


3 People - $70/person

4 People - $65/person

5 People - $60/person

6+ People - Please call for larger group rate.

Golf Lessons Atlanta Finish
Coach Approach Year Program

This program is perfect for the person who competes in tournaments or the person who really wants to take their game to the best level possible.

The program is for one year and includes unlimited lessons, practice, playing lessons and tournament preparations.

Please call for more information and pricing.