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The Best Golf Lessons In Atlanta

Does This Sound Like You:

  • Slicing or Hooking the Ball?

  • Fat and Thin Iron Shots?

  • Scores Are Going Higher and Higher?

  • Watching Countless YouTube Videos Trying to Fix Your Problem But Still The Same Errors?

Golf Lessons Atlanta
Golf Lesson Atlanta

Chris Therrell Golf Academy Will Lower Your Scores

18 Years Of Coaching Experience

Rating On Google

2 High Speed Camera Angles - Trackman - Boditrak Pressure Mapping - HackMotion Used In Golf Lessons

All Areas Of The Game Are Taught - Full Swing to Shortgame - Course Management

Fix Your Swing And Your Game Once For All!

Discover how the Chris Therrell Golf Academy, situated in Sandy Springs, employs cutting-edge technology to address your golfing challenges.

During the comprehensive golf lessons, Chris harnesses advanced technology, including two high-speed camera angles, Trackman, BodiTrak, and HackMotion Golf. These state-of-the-art tools are instrumental in enhancing your golf swing and ultimately lowering your golf scores.

The innovative approach allows you to witness and experience the precise adjustments required to achieve greater consistency and distance in your golf game. Say goodbye to those persistent issues and unlock your full golfing potential with the Chris Therrell Golf Academy in Sandy Springs.

Preview Of Golf Lesson

Chris Therrell Golf Academy

2023 Golf Lesson Pricing

One Hour Lesson


(3) One Hour Lessons


(5) One Hour Lessons


Learn To Play Better Golf Today! Sign Up Today & Lower Your Scores!

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