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During the first golf lesson with a student, I create a personalized profile using high-speed video from 2 different camera angles.  When this profile is created I draw a set of unique reference lines that will be used in the rest of the student's lessons. These reference lines allow the student to see where they currently are and where they will be when the swing is corrected.  My cameras never move, so the lines will be the same as the last lesson.


The 4 main clubs that I teach in the first lesson are driver, 6 iron, wedge, and putter.  The driver is the most important club in your bag.  If you can hit your ball in the fairway off the tee, not only is it more enjoyable but also leads to better scores.  Then if you can use your mid-iron for a close approach shot you will have the best chance for the lowest score.  Of course, then you need to be able to make putts.


During the lesson, I use the video, the reference lines, and tour players examples to show you your swing in detail. I also use during the golf lessons a force mat called Boditrak.  This mat is used by most of the PGA Tour players and coaches.  The Boditrak force plate shows how you use the ground and how the center of pressure trace (COP) can lead to a manipulation in the rest of the swing.

Chris Therrell Golf Lessons in Atlanta
One-On-One Golf Lessons
Golf Lessons Atlanta
One on one instruction
Junior Instruction
Junior Golf Lessons in Atlanta
Golf Lessons in Atlanta
Junior Golf Lessons

During junior golf lessons, the instruction I use is the same as with an adult but with less technical information and more fun.  This is a fun game and I want to show juniors that this game can be played for a lifetime.


The following is what happens during junior lessons:



Golf Swing Instruction

Short Game Instruction



Club Fitting


Group Lessons
Group Golf Lessons in Atlanta
Group Golf Lessons

Group golf lessons are great for people that are beginners or for large groups to have an outing.  In this environment, many people feel comfortable learning with friends or golfing buddies with the fun of meeting new people.


In a group golf lesson, we can cover many aspects of the game in a short period of time.  During the group golf lesson, we will cover the basic fundamentals of the golf swing, short game, rules, etiquette and much more.


Group lessons are for 5 or more people during a 2 hour period in one day.  If you would like to know when I'm having a group lesson, please be sure to join my mailing list for updates.  Also, if you are looking for a way to entertain friends, co-workers or meet up groups, please give me a call so we can schedule a group lesson.

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