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Golf Lessons In Sandy Springs

Golf Lessons Atlanta
Golf Lesson Instruction:

Are you tired of hitting slices, hitting it fat and thin, and you're not enjoying the game anymore? Then read below on how the Chris Therrell Golf Academy uses technology to fix your errors in a golf lesson.

In a full swing golf lesson, Chris Therrell Golf Academy located in Sandy Springs uses high-tech technology i.e. 2 high speed camera angles, Trackman, BodiTrak and HackMotion Golf to improve your golf swing and lower your golf scores.

The technology that is used in the golf lessons will allow you to see and feel the changes that need to happen to be more consistent and longer with your golf game.

The video that is used might be the most important technology because it not only allows for Chris to see in detail what is happening but for the student to be able to see it as well and feel the exaggerated changes. Many times a student will believe they are doing something else when the actual fault is in an another part of the golf swing.

Full Swing Instruction

Then when the student is making much better swings then Trackman will help validate the changes in the golf lesson.


I like to use the Trackman as a fine tuning machine because of the detail it gives that you can’t see with video. The video in a golf lesson gets us to the big picture but Trackman lets us fine tune the golf swing.


The Boditrak allows the student to see how important the weight shift is in the golf swing. This gives numbers along with the pressure in bar form. This is where I see a lot of the fat and thin shots that happen because of the incorrect body action in a golf swing.


The HackMotion golf sensor looks at the wrist in detail during a golf lesson. The will tell how the wrist are either cupped, bowed or how they rotate. This is where we will see why you curve the golf ball so much and why you don’t have shaft lean at impact. Also, this can also be where the fat and thin shots come from as well.


Schedule your golf lesson today with Chris Therrell to lower your scores! If you want to beat your buddies, play in tournaments or just starting this game get started today! Click on the link below to see what days and times I have available for your full swing golf lesson.

Golf Lessons Atlanta ShortGame
Golf Lessons Sandy Springs ShortGame
Golf Lesson Shortgame:

Do you wish you didn’t 3 putt so many times? Are you tired of blading or chucking your chips and pitches? Do you wish you could have a short game like the players you see on tv? Well, you can! It takes the right technique with practice but anyone can have a good shortgame.


Here is what happens in a shortgame golf lesson with Chris Therrell Golf Academy located in Sandy Springs.


First, the chipping motion will be filmed so we can get a baseline of what is going on and then a test of playing different shots and different lies with several shots.


Then we will go over in the lesson what techniques need to be used to play your basic chip or pitch shot.

You will get drills that you need to practice with and how much time you need to devote to your short game after the initial golf lesson.


In a lesson with putting we will talk about what you feel is the problem with your putting and what you would like to do better. Then you will be tested on green reading, aim, stroke and putting speed.


After this assessment we will go over what we need to start with and how you are going to practice the areas that need improvement. Just like the full swing most of putting will start with the basics such as setup, posture, grip and basics of the stroke.


Schedule your shortgame golf lesson today and start lowering your scores just by having a better chance of getting up and down. Click on the link below to see what days and times I have available for your shortgame golf lesson.

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