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Top-Rated Golf Lessons In Atlanta

Searching "Golf Lessons Near Me" Look No Further!

  • Fix The Swing Errors That Cause Your Headaches - Better Contact - Say Goodbye To The Slice - Longer Drives

  • Learn How To Get It Up & Down To Save Strokes - How To Chip & Pitch - Make More Putts - Get Out Of The Bunker

  • Learn How To Practice Correctly After Your Lesson - Setup Your Phone - Customized Drills - What To Look For

Golf Lessons Atlanta
Chris Therrell Golf Academy

YouTube Videos Not Fixing Your Swing? You Need


Golf Lessons In Atlanta

There are a lot of good videos out there to help you with your golf swing but if you don't know the correct order or the actual problems you are having with your golf swing, you are only guessing on the correct fix. Having a golf instructor is the only way to fix your problems once for all. Sign up for my golf lessons in Atlanta and lower your scores today!

Fix Common Errors In The

Golf Lesson

Poor Contact: Fat and thin shots will ruin your distance and accuracy and the most common when it comes to poor contact. The fix is usually with how the pressure shifts in the backswing and downswing. Hanging back after contact is the best place to start in this area. Also, incorrect handaction or early flip will cause fat and thin shots as well.

Slice or Hook: Grabbing another ball and re-teeing is the first way to send your scores higher and higher. Having a golf ball that curves to much will cause more shots out of bounds and into the woods. We need to fix the plane and the club face in the golf lesson to minimize the curvature of the golf ball. The greater the club face and the path are from each other the greater the curve in the golf shot.

Loss Of Distance: Most people want more distance for the whole game, not just the driver. Yes, speed definitely helps with hitting the ball farther but the best way to increase the distance is by solid contact and how much the ball curves usually more to the right. So in the golf lessons, as we fix some of the common errors as above, this will increase the distance as well.

Benefits Of Golf Lessons At Chris Therrell Golf Academy

Chris Therrell Golf Lessons

High Speed Video

2 Permentaly mounted camera angles from face-on and down-the-line. Using video allows the student to see and feel what the instructor is changing. A lot of students can't believe what they are seeing compared to what they feel. Video is the most important tool in my golf lessons.

Trackman Golf Lesson


Trackman is an important tool for me to fine tune the swing. These allow me to "see" things that I cannot see with just video. There are several parameters that I look for when using Trackman. I like to see the angle of attack, path and face numbers along with distance and other parameters.

Boditrak Golf Pressure

BodiTrak Pressure

BodiTrak allows me to see what is happening with the pressure in the golf swing. This can correct contact issues, swing plane and distance losses or how to increase the distances. 

HackMotion Golf

HackMotion Golf

HackMotion is a neat tool that allows me to see what the wrist are doing in the swing and see numbers to back up the information. You can see how many degrees your wrist are cupped or bowed (open or closed) and how the club is passing the hands at impact.

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2024 Golf Lesson Pricing

Golf Lessons Atlanta Pricing


Hour Lesson

Golf Lessons Atlanta Pricing

(3) Hour Lessons


Golf Lesson Atlanta Pricing

(5) Hour Lessons


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for a golf lesson? $100 Per Hour Lesson

Do you have any packages for a discount? (5) One Hour Lessons for $475. (3) One Hour Lessons for $285.

Do you work with juniors? Yes, I do. I work with 13 years or older.

Where are you located? Steel Canyon in Sandy Springs. 460 Morgan Falls Road Sandy Springs Ga 30350

Do you work with beginners? Yes, I do. Even if you have never held a golf club before.

How do I schedule a golf lesson with you? You can schedule a lesson thru my website by going to Schedule Lesson page.

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