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Do you want longer drives?

Do you want to hit the ball further and straighter?

I bet you do! We all do!

This article is about how to hit it farther and straighter. Would you believe that there is an easy way to hit the ball further and straighter?

All you need to do is hit the ball solidly. It’s just that simple. Well, almost that simple.

Center Strike

I have given plenty of lessons to people who have no idea if they are hitting the ball solid or not. It’s not their fault. If you have never given it much thought, or not realized it can make a world of difference, then you probably haven’t paid much attention to contact.

Do you wear out gloves quickly? That can be contact more than anything, because a non-solid strike twist in your hand, no matter how tight you hold onto the club. This twisting of a club in your hand will wear out a glove a lot faster than all solid strikes.

A non-solid shot can curve off-line and go much shorter than a well struck shot. I see many times where a person makes a pretty good swing and the ball goes off-line because of a miss-hit. They think they made a bad swing but when I show them on video how well the swing looked and they see it was a miss hit it begins to make sense to them.

The best thing you can do for when you are practicing is spray the face with a foot powder spray. You need to know where the club is being struck and what that could mean for ball flight.

If you hit the ball slightly toward the toe the ball will draw slightly back on-line because of the gear effect in a golf club. Look at the picture below, this shot will come back to your target with a slight draw. This shot will be in play but not as far as a well struck shot.

Toe Strike

Hit it way off the toe and it will not draw back, it will just go straight right.

A common error for toe hits is when the arms will pull in on the downswing.

This error leads to a shorter radius in the golf swing. The more the arms pull in on the downswing the more the shot tends to be hit off the toe of the club.

Look for an article soon that will explain this tendency in detail and how to fix this mistake.

Now, when you hit the ball slightly toward the heel of the club, the ball will tend to fade a little back toward the target. This heel shot will tend to be a little lower launch angle and less run of the golf ball in the fairway.

Look at this picture of a ball being slightly hit in the heel of the club.

If it is hit way off the heel the ball will not come back, it will just start way left of the target line. This is in most cases is a straight left shot off the tee.

The common swing mistake I see when someone hits more shots off the heel of the club is when the butt tends to move in closer to the golf ball on the downswing.

The left arm straight at impact and the butt staying back in the downswing are two areas of the golf swing that can lead to much better contact and ball flight.

The truth is there are many things that can cause miss-hits in the golf swing but what I describe above are the most common mistakes that I see from golfers.

If you would like more information on this article or would like to see me for a personal lesson, please visit my website for more information.

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