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New Clubs or Golf Lessons?

Should you buy new clubs this year or take golf lessons?

So, read the rest of the blog and answer the questions below to decide what you need to do the most.

I have people all the time that come in for golf lessons and their equipment is several years old and they ask me, should I buy new clubs? Well, these are the questions I look for when I need to answer their question.

If your driver or irons are only a year or two old or you are a beginner, you would be better off with golf lessons than the latest golf clubs. Learn how to improve your golf swing first or fix the problem areas in your swing and then invest in better equipment.

I like to try and play guitar, but it doesn’t matter if I have a $10,000 guitar or a $100 guitar it sounds the same, bad. Now, if I played like the best guitarist in the world, I could make either one sound pretty good no matter the cost.

It’s the same with golf clubs. Give a cheap set of clubs to the best players in the world and they would still be really good players.

Do you slice or hook the ball out of bounds many times during a round of golf? Do you top the golf ball? Maybe even whiff the ball completely? If you answered yes to these questions, then golf lessons would be a better investment in your golf game than new equipment. In my golf lessons we will work on the swing errors that are causing these type of shots.

Your lie angles of your irons will change dramatically as your swing improves. If you buy new irons and they are fitted to your current swing and you change your swing your lie angles might need to be changed again. A swing that is steeper on the downswing will usually have a more upright lie angle of the club. When you get more on plane then the lie angle will become more flat.

In the irons you can increase the distance as well, but these clubs are more important for accuracy. When I fit for irons, I’m looking to not only have the right weight, lofts and flex of the golf shaft but maybe even more importantly is having the correct lie angles of the irons. Having the incorrect lie angle of the clubs can create a ball flight that you are always trying to fight.

Lie Angle of Golf Club
Lie Angle of Golf Club

Do you have a shot that you are trying to get rid of? Looking for more distance or accuracy? Do you hit the ball solid most of the time?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then it’s probably time to invest in new equipment to take your game to the next level.

Having the right driver that creates the correct spin and launch for you will increase the distance that you are looking for. Having the right shaft can create a better ball flight and accuracy with the new club as well. If your ball has too much spin (>2,800) it will rise like an airplane but fall way short of your potential distance. If the ball has a low spin (<2,100) it will never get up in the air and fall to the ground quickly. These numbers are different for every person because of swing speed and other characteristics of your golf swing. So, you need to be fitted with a Trackman to know for sure what is best for you.

Now, having new equipment and a golf swing that is more repeatable will ultimately take your game to a whole new level. So, a combination of new clubs and golf lessons is the best method for having more fun in this game but spending your money and time wisely will serve you better.

Trackman Golf and Callaway Golf
Trackman and Callaway golf cart

I have added to my Academy a Callaway Fitting Cart for club fitting with my golf lessons. But I will still answer the questions that I asked earlier for weather a student needs new clubs or golf lessons.

Would you like to hit the latest Callaway golf clubs? Are you ready to update your equipment? Do you need to do more work on your swing first? I hope you know how to answer those questions now.

If you would like to read more about my golf lessons or club fitting at the Chris Therrell Golf Academy please visit my website

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