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Trackman Combine

I am proud of my student Matt Mclain who competed in his first Trackman combine and scored an 81 out of 100. Matt has worked diligently on his swing in the last several months in fixing the areas that he needed to improve. He has been consistent in taking lessons and practicing each week. The picture below shows Matt's score of 81 and 15th in the world for this month.

Trackman Combine Matt Finished 15th

Trackman combine is a way for the average golfer to compete against not only the best amateurs in the world but the best professional players in the world. The highest score that has been posted in the combine is a 94. If you are in the range of 85-90 you are hitting the ball as well as a Tour Player.

The way the Trackman combine works is the player will hit a total of 60 shots from distances of 60 yards to the driver. The Trackman will score the player based on the distance carried and how far the ball landed from the target line. After the test you will know what your strengths are and where you might be weak in your golf game.

If you would like to try the Trackman combine and see where you stand in relation to the best players in the world, schedule a time for $35. After the test I will be able to show you how you can improve your swing to score better in the areas where you might not be as strong as other areas in your game.

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